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0000732Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-12-25 10:25
Assigned ToKDR_11k 
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Summary0000732: [patch] Changelog additions to r5104
DescriptionUpdates the changelog to at least mention all the relevant Spring commits up until r5104.
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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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  • patch file icon changelogfixpatch.patch (11,379 bytes) 2007-12-24 17:20 -
    Index: changelog.txt
    --- changelog.txt	(revision 5104)
    +++ changelog.txt	(working copy)
    @@ -54,6 +54,21 @@
     - Bumped to ArchiveCache version to 6 ... ArchiveCacheV6.txt 
     - Support for up to 2^31 players 
     - Negative damage now allowed.
    +- Applied patch by tc making Spring's configuration variables available through 
    +  unitsync.
    +- Log the version of some of the major libraries (SDL, GL, GLEW, AL) 
    +- Disabled recursive directory scanning for .sdd and omitted files within  .../hidden/*  directories from the scan 
    +- Added ai unloading after team is destroyed. 
    +- Installer greatly improved - all content is downloaded from the internet based on which mods and maps you 
    +  choose to install. No more updating installer.
    +- allow GlobalAIs to send a startposition 
    +- Bump the unit-limit to 10000
    +- Added the following unitsync calls:
    +               int GetModValidMapCount()
    +       const char* GetModValidMapCount(int index)
    + - Valid maps are listed in the mod's "ValidMaps.lua" file
    + - A valid map count of 0 means that any map can be used with the mod
    + - This can be used in concert with LuaRules to setup multi-player scenarios and tutorials 
     User Interface:
     - Added the CTRL modifier to area reclaims to allow reclaiming your own wrecks 
    @@ -105,6 +120,8 @@
     - Change savegame default keybinding from Any+F8 to Ctrl+Shift+F8,
       for the same reason as the createvideo keybind change.
     - Improved view centering for the Free Camera mode 
    +- Made nano-particles unsynced (and respect maxParticles)
    +* Added '/cross [size]'
     Unit / Weapon / Feature Definition Tags:
    @@ -245,7 +262,7 @@
    -- Added optional 3D ranging for all builder operations (build, repair, reclaim, etc...) 
    +- Added optional 3D ranging for all builder operations (build, repair, reclaim, etc...) (per-unitdef buildRange3D=true)
     - adds [experience] { experienceMult = 1.0; } to modrules
     - adds [flankingBonus] { defaultMode = 1; }   to modrules
     - replaces the old bonus shield system with flanking bonus
    @@ -261,6 +278,39 @@
         FLANK_B_MOBILITY_ADD 122 // set or get
         FLANK_B_MAX_DAMAGE   123 // set or get
         FLANK_B_MIN_DAMAGE   124 // set or get
    +- Adds three opcodes to the CEG definitions:
    + - m (modulo or sawtooth wave) returns the remainder of
    +    the runing value divided by m's parameter (100 m24
    +    returns 4)
    + - s (sine) returns the sine of the running value with
    +   the parameter acting as the amplitude
    + - k (discrete) returns the running value floored to an
    +   integral multiple of the parameter 
    +- All weapon projectiles that have a TTL now supply their
    +  remaining ttl-value as the damage param to their trail
    +  CEG (Flame projectiles use curTime instead). 
    +- Added the "canSelfDestruct = true" unitDef tag 
    +- Added alwaysVisible weapon tag, makes the projectile visible, even without LOS.
    +- Enable CEGs to be tied to pieces of exploding units
    + (CEG replaces the default smoke if used, but not the miniscule fire-effect)
    +- added CEG opcodes y, x, a, p and q. Except for p those operate on a set of 16 buffers that store a float value each.
    +  y# - Yank: Stores the running value in the buffer # and returns 0.
    +  x# - Multiply: Multiplies the value with the contents of buffer #.
    +  a# - Add: Adds the contents of buffer #.
    +  p# - Pow: Returns the #th power of the value.
    +  q# - Buffer Pow: Like Pow but uses the contents of buffer # as the exponent.
    +- added the weapon tag leadLimit that limits the maximum distance a unit will lead a target 
    +  (default is -1 which means infinite).
    +- added the weapon tag leadbonus which is multiplied with the unit's experience and added to the lead limit.
    +- added the weapon tag predictBoost (default 0 for non-burnblow, 0.5 for burnblow weapons) which fixes the 
    +  "this should be turned into a separate tag" comment in Weapon.cpp. No idea what it does but it doesn't 
    +  break anything.
    +- Add a tag "factoryHeadingTakeoff" (on request of the SWS
    +  folks to prevent some clipping issues) which controls the
    +  takeoff behavior of TAAirMoveType aircraft. True (default)
    +  means planes start matching their factory's heading right
    +  after taking off from the pad, false means they maintain
    +  the heading of the pad until reaching wantedHeight. 
    @@ -375,6 +425,48 @@
     - Used the decoyDef ghost building models when appropriate 
     - Fixed CAirMoveType planes not rotating on factory pads 
     - Fixed CTAAirMoveType planes always taking off from labs facing south.
    +- Fixed missile-gunships from being unable to force-attack ground
    +- Fixed CTRL-MOVE group orders causing units to move at snail's pace
    +- Fixed mid-air explosions that occur over water triggering a water splash effect
    +- Fixed the isAttackCapable() check
    +- Prevent CMissileProjectile weapons with trajectoryHeight from over- or undershooting when firing at targets 
    +  below or above attack position. Based the angular correction factor on missile speed
    +- Not being able to lock the config file on linux is not a fatal error anymore 
    +- Remove the (bestDist < radius) bugs 
    +- Make sure the (paralyzeDamageTime >= 0) 
    +- Added bestDist method for all area searches 
    +- Added a check for immobile builders that will stop internal
    +  commands for when the unit has moved out of the build range 
    +- Fixed FlareProjectile. (flare projectile was always removed after one Update.) 
    +- Allow for "non-decloakable" units 
    +- CGameHelper::GetClosestEnemyUnitNoLosTest() now
    +  includes the target's radius for spherical tests 
    +- Stunned factories don't open, build, or close. 
    +- Players from demo once again can't change speed / pause 
    +- Factored out some glGetDoublev() calls (may be faster on certain GPU architectures)
    +- Fixed issue that some people can only get sound when hosting
    +- Fixed bug in map damage loading from savegame.
    +- Fixed possible bug in explosions map damage.
    +- Fixed crash with saving after nuke was intercepted.
    +- Fixed ground-transports being unable to unload units on certain maps
    +- Units that are still inside a non-firebase transport do not destun
    +- Fixed units whose state is floating but are not in water taking water-damage
    +- Print "spectator <name> left" rather than "player <name> left" if the guy leaving is
    +  a spectator 
    +- Added serializing for InMapDraw .
    +- Fixed bug with saving builders that terraform ground
    +- Fixed stunned units being unhittable if pushed 
    +- Made a seperate update thread while the game loads to prevent network timeouts on slow computers 
    + (thread is joined when loading finished) 
    +- CCobInstance::RealCall now checks if stack is big enough before getting
    +  arguments from stack. 
    +- made StartBuilding measure the pitch from the center of the unit instead of the 
    +  base to deal with units with large vertical offset
    +- Put CMinimap always on back
    +- Moved the QueryNanoPiece COB call into synced code to hopefully fix a desync.
    +- Fixed the bug where a repair order on a construction whose terraforming is 
    +  incomplete will start construction anyway. 
    +- Fixed units terraforming the ground under units being built by factories.
     - Added call-in gl.Smoothing(point, line, polygon)
    @@ -498,6 +590,36 @@
     - Added the Spring.SetUnitTarget(unitID, targetID | <x,y,z>, bool userTarget) call-out 
     - Added the Spring.SetExperienceGrade(number) call-out (sets the experience steps that will trigger the UnitExperience() call-in, based on the limExperience varible value  (exp / (exp + 1)))
     - Added the UnitExperience() lua call-in 
    +- Added VFS.UseArchive(filename, function(...) ... end, ...)
    + - allows for packaged widgets (source, textures, sounds, etc...)
    + - currently only works for raw filesystem access (limited to LuaUI) 
    +- Added the following lua call-outs to allow unsynced read access to COB global variables:
    +   GetCOBUnitVar(unitID, varID)
    +   GetCOBTeamVar(teamID, varID)
    +   GetCOBAllyTeamVar(allyTeamID, varID)
    +   GetCOBGlobalVar(varID)
    + (varIDs start at 0) 
    +- Added FBO objects to lua GL, with MRT (multiple render targets) capability, and blitting
    +- Added RBO objects to lua GL, which should allow for depth + stencil format   
    +- Added lua Scream objects, which can call a function when they are garbage collected
    +- Added VFS.SubDirs(), to get a list of subdirectories
    +- Spring.SendMessage() and friends can now be used by unsynced lua code
    +- added Lua SyncedCtrl function Spring.SetUnitMoveGoal(unitID, posX, posY, posZ[, radius[, speed]]), 
    +  this makes the unit move closer to the target location, to a distance of <radius> (default 0). 
    +  This is mostly for custom commands that should have the unit moving into range, 
    +  it doesn't affect the order queue. It's marked as unsafe.
    +- New Lua call-out (SyncedCtrl): Spring.SetUnitWeaponState(unitID, weaponNum, stateTable)
    +  StateTable is a table containing one or more of reloadstate, reloadtime (this time in seconds), 
    +  accuracy, sprayangle, range, projectilespeed. Obviously the values will be assigned to the 
    +  variables the keys refer to.
    +- Added the Spring.GetMapList() call-out to the mod ValidMaps.lua script 
    +- Added the Spring.GetMapInfo() call-out for the ValidMaps.lua script 
    +- Added mapSizeX and mapSizeZ to the lua Game table 
    +- Fix GetCmdDescIndex() 
    +- Added a seventh parameter to AllowCommand, "synced". It's a bool that is true 
    +  when the command was sent by either a Spring-internal action or synced Lua and 
    +  it's false if the command came from the user or LuaUI. This should facilitate preventing user 
    +  commands to a unit while allowing LuaRules commands 
     - Give a COB error instead of crashing for invalid explosion generator indices
    @@ -528,7 +650,27 @@
        -  GET  SET_WEAPON_UNIT_TARGET    weaponID  unitID          userTarget
        -  GET  SET_WEAPON_GROUND_TARGET  weaponID  xzCoord yCoord  userTarget 
     - Added TargetWeightX COB call-in and CHANGE_TARGET cob set var. COB call-in TargetWeightX(targetID, weight), weight defaults to 65536 which represents 1.0 and is multiplied with the target's value to determine priorities. Set CHANGE_TARGET to Y makes weaponY pick a new target.
    +- Adds the COB set constant CEG_DAMAGE (99), which defines
    + the damage value for all CEGs triggered by emit-sfx 1024 + x
    + to allow for some variability in the emitted effects (to e.g.
    + make a charging energy ball grow larger or have smoke get
    + progressively darker as the unit's HP decreases).
    +- Added a new get call, PLAY_SOUND, to play a sound that can be heard only by allies, enemy, in los, etc.
    +  GET PLAY_SOUND(sound number, volume, who hears the sound, where to play the sound) (see r4974 for full docs)
    +- get health now allows a unit ID to be passed 
    +- Added COB and Lua access to some more weapon variables.
    +  New COB constants, all get-only (but not read-only):
    +  WEAPON_RELOADSTATE 125 (frame number of the next shot/burst)
    +  WEAPON_RELOADTIME 126 (in frames)
    +  WEAPON_SPRAY 128
    +  WEAPON_RANGE 129
    +  All of these use the first param (starting at 1) as the weapon index whereby positive 
    +  means read and negative means write the second param to the value. In the latter case
    +  the previous value is returned. 
     - Don't crash on quit if helpUDPsrvr == null.
     - Better error reporting. 
    patch file icon changelogfixpatch.patch (11,379 bytes) 2007-12-24 17:20 +




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