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0000704Spring engineLinuxpublic2007-12-11 17:48
Assigned Totvo 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000704: MapConv won't compile with boost 1.34.1
DescriptionMapConv/filefunctions.h has a bug:

joachim@flux ~/MapConv $ make clean
rm -f mapconv texcompress *.o

joachim@flux ~/MapConv $ make
g++ -g -c Bitmap.cpp
g++ -g -c MapConv.cpp -Itclap-1.0.5/include/
g++ -g -c TileHandler.cpp
g++ -g -c FeatureCreator.cpp
g++ -g -c FileHandler.cpp
In file included from FileHandler.cpp:5:
filefunctions.h: In function `std::vector<boost::filesystem::path, std::allocator<boost::filesystem::path> > find_files(boost::filesystem::path&, const std::string&, bool)':
filefunctions.h:131: error: invalid initialization of reference of type 'boost::filesystem::path&' from expression of type 'boost::filesystem::basic_directory_entry<boost::filesystem::path>'
filefunctions.h:116: error: in passing argument 1 of `std::vector<boost::filesystem::path, std::allocator<boost::filesystem::path> > find_files(boost::filesystem::path&, const std::string&, bool)'
make: *** [FileHandler.o] Error 1

with boost 1.34.1 and the fix from below it seems to compile. i didn't test yet if anything broke. i don't expect so.
Additional Informationthis patch will fix this behaviour

joachim@flux ~/MapConv $ svn diff filefunctions.h
Index: filefunctions.h
--- filefunctions.h (revision 4982)
+++ filefunctions.h (working copy)
@@ -127,7 +127,8 @@
                                        if (boost::regex_match(diritr->leaf(),regexpattern))
                                } else if (recurse) {
- std::vector<fs::path> submatch = find_files(*diritr,pattern,true);
+ fs::path dir_path = *diritr;
+ std::vector<fs::path> submatch = find_files(dir_path,pattern,true);
                                        if (!submatch.empty()) {
                                                for (std::vector<fs::path>::iterator it=submatch.begin(); it != submatch.end(); it++)
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tvo (reporter)

thanks, committed

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