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0000666Spring engineUnit Scriptingpublic2007-11-14 22:22
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Summary0000666: Units in factories don't obey angular translations of the QueryBuildInfo piece
DescriptionI have an air factory that needs to have the units turned to y-axis <45> in order to not clip with the factory. No matter where I turn the piece (Create, StartBuilding, or any other function) the unit stays facing the direction of the building orientation until it is 100% complete--then it instantly spins into the 45 degree angle and takes off as if that's the way it had been facing all along.
Additional InformationXTA v9 airplants at least share the bug. The units do not spin with the build pad (which quite visibly is spinning).

It happens in 75b2 and in svn builds.
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gnomre (reporter)

Did some further testing, and it seems gunships/transports/air cons do work with the spinning/turning buildpad, but other planes do not. However, the former class will always zero out their heading while taking off to face south, then turn to the direction of their factory (if it's not built facing south).

So in other words, fighters/bombers need to follow the same instruction sets as gunships/transports/aircons while building, and gunships/transports/aircons need to follow the same heading instructions as fighters/bombers when they take off out of the factory.


Kloot (developer)

These nibbles should be gone in r4789
(with the reservation that bomber-type
planes use the rotation of the factory
pad when taking off, rather than turning
to match the plant's facing first, like
gunship-type aircraft will now do).

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