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0006326Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-10-23 18:41
ReporterForboding Angel 
Assigned Tohokomoko 
StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
Product Version104.0 +git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006326: areaofeffect=0 disables the attack button & shortcut
DescriptionThis is ridiculous. There should be a separate tag that removes the attack button, not this mystery meat silliness.
TagsNo tags attached.
Checked infolog.txt for ErrorsIrrelevant
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Forboding Angel (reporter)

Nevermind, this is an incorrect report. Blame Maddox :-D

I'm just the messenger. Don't shoot me pls.


hokomoko (developer)

You are at fault regarding the words you have chosen, which is much worse than making a report by mistake. Whether the issue is real or not is far less significant.

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