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0006299Spring engineBuildbotpublic2019-10-16 20:30
Assigned Tohokomoko 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Product Version 
Target Version105.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0006299: win64 builds still broken
Descriptiondevil.dll is... devil

either devil needs to be recompiled so it doesn't pull in other .dll's or mxe static build has to be tested again.
Additional Informationcross-compile still sucks :-|
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Checked infolog.txt for ErrorsIrrelevant
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has duplicate 0006301closedhokomoko 104.0.1-1389-g9de23cd maintenance Missing dll error 
has duplicate 0006312closed Changes to mingwlibs64 are required 
related to 0006321resolvedhokomoko missing tiff support in devil with mingwlibs64 



hokomoko (developer)

I'll recompile devil


abma (administrator)

uhm, i hope for win64 as win32 is fixed it seems


hokomoko (developer)

for both, I think it's related to 6301


abma (administrator)

no, 6301 is just a duplicate bug report of this :-|


abma (administrator)

win32 is fixed, win64 isn't.


hokomoko (developer)

weird, because other people (including myself) could run all these versions just fine.


abma (administrator)

possible he downloaded a broken version, redownload very likely fixes it.

the same spring version was build multiple times


abma (administrator)

very likely useful:



Google_Frog (reporter)

> next time please check for existing bug reports

The role of someone who is primarily a reporter on an issue tracker is to make simple reports. Potentially derailing an issue instead of creating their own is often counterproductive because it is not clear from the outside which issues should be linked.


abma (administrator)

this just went a bit suboptimal, sorry. still thanks for reporting, better report twice as never.

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