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0004090Spring engineGeneralpublic2013-10-30 11:50
Assigned ToKloot 
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Product Version94.1.1+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004090: aircraft acceleration has changed
DescriptionAircraft (i think only non strafing) accelerate much faster in -1415 than in plain 94, and i can't track down any commit that caused it so i'm not sure what units + what multiplier to counterbalance for.
Steps To ReproduceRun ba-test-1757 on spring 94 and 94.1.1-1415. Give a corfink and watch how fast it accelerates in each case.

Additional InformationI don't know how to make an exact comparison of this between spring version, but with corfink the different should be easily enough to spot by eye.
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silentwings (reporter)

Also I coudn't find it in changelogs + I spotted that https://github.com/spring/spring/commit/8009eb548cc62162d9fd15f2914437f4ca63a198 should probably appear in the changelog but doesn't ;)


Kloot (developer)

Eh, armpeep has acceleration=0.6 and maxvelocity=13.8 which means it should take only 13.8/0.6=23 simframes=0.76 seconds to reach top speed. I'm giving 94+ the benefit of the doubt here since armpeep's acceleration time in 94.0 is clearly much longer.


silentwings (reporter)

Ah, so maybe 94 is actually at fault here - if so and -1415 behaves as intended then let me know and i'll adapt modside, but could be put as a ' breaking fix' on changelog.

(also if know what multiplier needs to be done to what to correct it would be v handy, but i understand if that would be too much effort to work out, i can probably work out a good guess)


Kloot (developer)

Changelog is a few months behind but I plan to mark all these changes as such if / when (definitely not before there is a release branch) I get around to updating it.

A single multiplier probably won't cover the exact functional differences but a good starting point for aircraft acceleration (not brakerate) values would be one-third (0.333).

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