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0000027Spring engineGeneralpublic2005-12-10 14:36
Assigned Tojcnossen 
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Summary0000027: ID sign at vehicles controlled by other player in same Team
DescriptionShow sign above unit just controlled by player in same TEAM.
Similar as mark points when You choose spawn or use ~ + left mouse button ...
this one will be visible above "selected" units and structures by that player (his name or ID number or something similar) ...
Should be not so hard to implement as the "mark" system is in code already... just adjust to this type of operation ...

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Maelstrom (reporter)

Also add another mark, only visible to allies/team if someone is FPSing a unit if possible


heze (reporter)

Maybe even the ability to lock those units so that the other player in the same team cannot even issue orders to units selected by other players. Or make it optional for the player to lock it or not. Then again if there was an option to lock units, one would probably need a .maxlockunits so that the other guy couldn't lock all units under his control. Or maybe the lock should automatically release when the unit(s) is/are deselected.

Then again the marker on top of the selected unit(s) should be enough. Especially if locking units is hard to implement.


jcnossen (reporter)

I really don't want to spend my time on polish like this when there are so many other things to do (more important things). But send me a diff and I'll apply it...

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