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0000229Spring engineGeneralpublic2006-09-23 13:22
ReporterBug Hunter 
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000229: Remove unit from group hotkey not working as expected.
Descriptionthe shortcut key, to remove a given unit from an group (or group ai), is Shift+Q.

The expected behaviour, when you press it, is it will absolve the selected units (and only the selected units), from its parent group.

Strangely, pressing this shortcut key, when only some of the units of the group are selected, behaves, not as shift+Q, but as Q alone does, i mean, it selects the hole group, instead of clearing those selected units from its parent group.

Pressing it again, however, deletes the hole group ai.

That behaviour, is not what is expected, and, is not as it used to work in older versions, iirc.

I assume this change was introduced when the first linux build was released, but cant confirm it.

changing it back, is apreciated.
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Bug Hunter (reporter)

Last edited: 2006-09-21 06:30

the "desired" or "expected" behaviour described here, is how it used to work on early versions of spring.

early.. = pre .66?

if im not mistaken, the way ive descrived it, is the way it used to be, untill this happened.

A obvious reason this should work the way ive described, is.. that is if i want to destroy the hole group, instead of only ht units selected, i would press "Q" alone first, (instead of "shift q") and THEN, i would press fhist q or alt q i dont recall the hotkey now.


tvo (reporter)

does this still happen with 0.73b1 test build 3 or later?


Bug Hunter (reporter)

great, this is working again in test buil 0.71b1 dev3

shift+q will inmediatly remove a subgroup from its main group. thanks developpers.


tvo (reporter)

fixed according to reporter

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