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0000181Spring engineGeneralpublic2006-07-06 18:24
Assigned Tocolorblind 
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Summary0000181: Attack isn't canceled when enemy unit goes outside LOS
DescriptionWhen you issue an attack, it isn't canceled when enemy unit goes outside LOS. You would expect this to happen, because if you don't know where the unit is then you can't follow it around and try to attack it, yet this is exactly what happens. If you hold down Shift you can even tell the unit's location.

Additional InformationThis is easily fixed by adding an LOS check in the SlowUpdate function of the commandAI files (sim/Units/CommandAI/*.cpp), right next to the check "if(targetDied)" in the CMD_ATTACK case of the switch.

I just don't know if it would gobble up a whole lot of resources, as the LOS handler might be a bit slow (but I'm only guessing here).
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suit (reporter)

i figured that out too, its very annoying for targeted players on very small maps

if you found the commander once you can target it with some guardian and it wont stop firing till the unit gets out of range


alphabeta (reporter)

colorblind fixed this but it wasnt marked as resolved


tvo (reporter)

fixed in svn

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