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0000177Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-12-18 13:14
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000177: Buildings built at the extreme right and/or bottom edges of the map "move" after they are built.
DescriptionWhen a building is built at the far right and/or bottom edges of the map, the model of the building is in the correct location. However, the area of the map that the building takes up, for purposes of building future buildings, is shifted up and/or left. The top and left edges of the map do not experience this behaviour as far as I can tell.

See the clips of the screenshot for a visual. I built a wind generator in the bottom right corner, and you can see where the building SHOULD be. In the second part of the picture, I overlayed the now built generator with another larger building so you can see the shifting effect. The areas marked red SHOULD be the same as the areas marked green in the first part, but they are not. There should be no yellow areas in the bottom and right as there are in the second part.
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tvo (reporter)

I can confirm it


tvo (reporter)

This has been fixed in SVN: it is not reproducable anymore.
Thanks for reporting!

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