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0000159Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-12-19 20:42
Assigned ToAuswaschbar 
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Summary0000159: Flatten ground bug
DescriptionThe con bot will flatten out the ground it is building on. This, however, takes up valuable time. To stop the con wasting time flattening the terrain before building, right-click the nanoframe, and the con will start repairing/assisting the construction instead of actually building it and flattening the ground beforehand
Additional InformationMay have adverse affects on factories (units get built in the ground etc)

One way to fix this would be to wait for the ground to be flattened before making the nanoframe appear, preventing assisting occuring prior to ground being flattened.
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Auswaschbar (reporter)

Fixed by KDR_11 in r5067

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