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0001377Spring engineGeneralpublic2009-04-18 11:55
Assigned Tohoijui 
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Summary0001377: ArchiveCache is broken on Windows in lastest master for me
DescriptionOn Windows, ArchiveScanner::ScanArchive always rescans an archive everytime spring is run. For some reason it doesn't think the archives are cached in ArchiveCacheV7.lua, even though they are.

Even worse, each archive seems to be scanned multiple times. Scanned once using its normal path, once using <SpringDir>/{mods,maps,base}/./<Archive> and once using <SpringDir>/{mods,maps,base}/././<Archive>

I'm not sure if these bugs are related or not.
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hoijui (reporter)

happens here too (on windows only), but i tested it for AIs and AI Interfaces.
Their *Info.lua files are each found multiple times. This was also reported by someone else (i think it was lurker, not shure though).

It happens in rts/ExternalAI/AILibraryManager.cpp, lines 104 till 112, for exampe.


hoijui (reporter)

fixed by git commit: cabda97d989e6af086c418160dedb4b55d708a13

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