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0001003Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-08-17 19:18
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Summary0001003: [SVN TRUNK R6267] certain units do not die after being destroyed a certain way
Description1. start a BA or an XTA game (haven't tried this with other *A mods)
2. /cheat and /give yourself an armcom (BA) or arm_commander (XTA) near team 1's startpos
3. dgun team 1's commander, which should end the game but doesn't (the enemy comm stays alive with 0 HP)


1. as above
2. as above, but just place it anywhere on the map
3. give the new commander a selfdestruct order

It does not happen with 0.77-branch/ builds, nor with non-commander units (so far as I've tested) in R6267.
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Kloot (developer)

tracked this down to my own fix for 0001001, nm ;)

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