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0002813SiteGeneralpublic2011-12-09 01:21
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Summary0002813: HTML page of lobby protocol needs update

Please update to 0.36
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hoijui (reporter)

wow.. i have never seen that before :D
the main server is running ueberserver since .. i think over a year now, and this stuff is from an old version of TASServer...
maybe the whole /lobby/ suffix could be removed?
btw, how did you get there, cleanrock?


cleanrock (developer)

The github page contain a link to the outdated html page.
Hmm .. but i guess the protocol description on github is correct, right ?
Or do you have a better reference to the lobby protocol which i missed ?

I submitted this report so i can read the protocol description a little easier while coding.


hoijui (reporter)

well... aegis does not want to use this, so when he adds stuff/changes stuff to the protocol, he would not add it there.
he claims that his python code is a better reference.

i regard the xml on github as the current protocol spec, yes.
btw, if you have a recent browser, you just need the two files in one dir, can be locally, then open the XMl file, and the browser will render it in a convenient way (as on the link you linked to).


cleanrock (developer)

Ok, thanks.
I think its good to have the protocol spec in a dedicated document like the xml on github but i will go look for that python code and see if the protocol is described well there.
Anyway, i think the html page should be updated or removed.


abma (administrator)

thanks, fixed.

i added a redirect from

/lobby to http://springrts.com/wiki/Lobby_Development

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